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My minimalist year - with free printable!

Hey guys! I was a little MIA yesterday because of a dental emergency but I’m glad I took a breather and had time to think because now I have a clear mind for this amazing minimalism blog! Today I wanna talk about one of my big New Years goals, which is learning how to practice minimalism. I recently did a blog on a ten week challenge to organize your house from top to bottom

but if that’s too much for you I made an easier, month by month guide on what you can do to slowly create your new minimalist lifestyle and a space that matches it!

All you have to do sign up and then you’ll have access to our ENTIRE FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY with tons of free printable for minimalism, decluttering, organizing, and the newest month by month cleaning list from this blog! Enjoy your new home, your clear head, and your new lifestyle!

Make sure you subscribe for more Inspo and to continue this journey TOGETHER! (team work makes the dream work right?)

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