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Minimalist 2021 Calendar with free printables

I know January is almost over but late is better than never right!

I've always enjoyed making calendars and I used to always make my own when I was a kid. I've gotten so used to using my phone as a calendar now that I haven't done it in years, but I've been trying to take a more minimalist approach to things this year. I created what I consider to be a very minimalist style calendar for 2021!

I personally like to print the calendar out, attach it to a clip board, and cross the days out by highlighting them with a cute highlighter. If you follow me on my instagram @mykindofmotherhood there will be all kinds of examples of me using this calendar throughout the year!

All you have to do to use this calendar with me is sign up for emails using the box below (don't worry, we never send spam) and then you'll have access to the entire printables page with this calendar and so much more!

Don't forget to tag me in pics of your calendars on instagram! I love seeing how you guys use them and different ways of crossing the days off!

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