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Nugget Comfort Couch Review

Now that I’m not as busy with school I have time to do all the blogs I’ve had piled up in my notes app! Including finally reviewing the nuggets couch we got months ago!

We actually have three nuggets and counting now haha! So it’s safe to say that we’re OBSESSED with them!

If you haven’t gone down the foam rabbit hole like I have here’s the down low on what a nugget is!

No, I don’t mean chicken nuggets

The nugget couch was originally designed to be a portable, space friendly option for collage kids that could be a couch or a bed. The owner quickly realized that as it was great for college students, the couch could actually do a lot more than become a bed with a little imagination added... and who has a bigger imagination than kids?!

The Nugget quickly rebranded to become a kids couch brand and started a whirlwind of a trend once people discovered how versatile they are! There’s hundreds of forts, obstacle courses, towers, crash pads, ball pits, and anything else your imagination can come up with! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the nugget couch which is so good for kids to learn and grow their imaginations with!

We’ve made a campground, an obstacle course complete with “water” and a pit of “lava” he had to jump over, a house, a mountain and so much more! Here’s a few builds we’ve done

Then of course theres the classic couch set upS

They are endless fun honestly! I was worried because in the groups I’m in a lot of people bought them for younger kids and my oldest is 6, so I was hoping they would both enjoy it and I couldn’t be more impressed! He makes his own builds and makes games up with the nuggets and it makes me so happy watching his skills and imagination thrive like that! My daughter is only 3 but she also has a ton of fun climbing around on it and playing my sons games he made up with him!

We’ve decluttered SO many toys since buying the nuggets because they never want to play with anything else anymore! If you dive into the foam world rabbit hole with me (seriously, there’s so many facebook groups) you’ll see how fun these are for kids of all ages and how it helps them grow big minds! I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll answer them!

Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest @mykindofmotherhood for more photos of the nuggets in action!

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