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100 Things to Declutter

So, I am huge on delcuttering. I love to declutter every few months. So I’ve put together a list for you of 100+ things to declutter and even included a printable calendar to help you stay organized. I didn’t add dates so you can print it out and add any dates on it and then get to decluttering!

I remember the first time I decluttered I was so overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to begin. I thought I needed to do it all in one day. Well boy was I wrong. Decluttering takes awhile and it’s totally okay. Especially after the holidays it’s a must to declutter! All the new stuff and the clutter from the year!

So here you’ll do one day at a time. One space a day to not overwhelm yourself.

Let’s start with the place you are the most!


  • old spices

  • expired fridge items

  • expired pantry items

  • expired frozen foods

  • chipped dishes

  • leaky water bottles

  • cooking tools or utensils you don’t use

  • fast food sauce packs

  • unused small appliances

  • tubberware containers without lids

  • Old coffee mugs, cups, bowls, plates, etc.

  • worn out scrubbers + sponges

  • Recipe books you don’t use.

  • Take-out containers

  • plastic forks/spoons you don’t use

  • Burnt baking sheet pans

  • Scratched pots and pans

  • Broken canisters

  • Paper clutter

  • Excessive Grocery bags


  • Old batteries

  • Old receipts

  • Take-out menus

  • Business cards you will never need

  • Expired coupons

  • Broken chargers

  • Phone books

  • Appliance manuals

  • Broken pens

  • Junk mail


  • Broken or scratched DVDs/CDs

  • VHS tapes

  • books you no longer love or read

  • magazines

  • anything you’re tired of dusting

  • puzzles + board games with missing pieces

  • old remote controls

  • burned-down candles

  • Old throw blankets

  • Chipped knick-knacks

  • Cords that aren’t needed

  • Dead plants

  • Broken blinds

  • Old decor


  • old make-up

  • travel-size toiletries

  • nearly-empty product bottles

  • Old towels and wash cloths

  • old nail care products

  • Expired skincare products.

  • Expired hair-care products.

  • Old perfume

  • Empty bottles

  • Samples of products

  • Old sponges and loofahs

  • Old razors

  • Broken hair tools

  • Old hair brushes

  • Anything you haven’t used in the past 6 months or longer


  • Old toothpaste

  • Old toothbrushes

  • Empty shampoo/conditioner bottles

  • Empty soaps

  • Old toys

  • Nail polish

  • Almost empty sprays

  • Empty band-aid containers

  • Anything you haven’t used for them in 6 months or longer


  • Old spices

  • Almost empty spices

  • Expired medicine

  • Expired vitamins and supplements

  • Old syringes used for medicines


  • Old sheets

  • Torn comforters

  • Stained pillowcases

  • Old pillows

  • Old throw pillows

  • Old throw blankets

  • Worn down hats

  • Stained clothes

  • Clothes too small

  • Clothes with holes

  • Socks with our matches

  • Gloves with our matches

  • Old underwear

  • Brass with broken or missing wire

  • Stretched out sports bras

  • Clothes with worn out elastic

  • Old pajamas

  • Unused bedskirts

  • Extra flat sheets

  • Scarves or accessories never worn

  • Broken jewelry

  • Worn down belts

  • Old prescription glasses

  • Broken hangers

  • Trash from your luggage or purse



  • Clothes that are too little

  • Stained or clothes with holes

  • Shoes that don’t fit

  • Broken crayons/pencils

  • Old stuffed animals

  • Used up coloring books

  • Old school papers

  • Books they don’t want

  • Broken toys

  • Toys they no longer want

  • Old video games

  • Pillows/blankets they don’t use

  • Old underwear

  • Old socks or ones without matches


  • phone books

  • take-out menus

  • non-working pens, markers, broken pencils, sharpies, highlighters

  • expired insurance papers

  • Old bills

  • Unused decor that you set there to get out of the way

  • unnecessary tax papers

  • Never used or damaged craft items


  • paint cans (check local recycling/disposal guidelines)

  • expired or unused home + yard products

  • Old brooms

  • Broken storage totes

  • Used boxes

  • broken toys

  • Anything broken

  • excess or unused cleaners

  • Old food you store in garage

  • repair parts for items you no longer own

  • Expired cleaning products

  • Old wrapping paper

  • Storage totes full of junk

There you have it 100+ to declutter. I promise you’ll feel so much better once you’ve done this. Take it one day at a time. One section at a time. I always try to aim for one or two rooms a day when I’m decluttering and then it only take me a week or so to declutter my entire house! It’s the best feeling! I love going into a new year with a decluttered house. Putting away all the Christmas décor and decluttering makes you feel like a brand new person.

Don’t forget to enter your email below and get my free printable to help you stay organized while decluttering. Print it off and hang it on your fridge and get to decluttering!

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