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25 things to declutter to live a more minimalist life

Decluttering your house can feel very overwhelming, yet it’s so satisfying. Once you’ve rid your house of all things that don’t spark happiness, you’ll feel so much better. You’ll feel refreshed and I promise you’ll feel so much better everyday!

I myself deal with anxiety and decluttering makes me feel in control, it makes me feel so much better knowing my house isn’t full of stuff I don’t need or use. It can seriously make a world of difference. I declutter at-least once a year (sometimes more)

Here are some things you can declutter to make you feel good again.

1. Unused candles

Those have been sitting in your house for 3 years… they might be pretty but they are taking up precious space!

2. Extra blankets

Donate them fluffy little things. (I’m a blanket hoarder also sis, I get it but it feels so good)

3. Extra sheets

Okay but seriously… I buy white sheets? Why? Why am I like this? I hate trying to clean up white sheets with kids so I tend to just buy more every so often. (I wash my sheets, I promise but kids.. they never come clean)

4. Unused appliances

Those appliances you buy and think OMG. I’ll use this like everyday… yeah you won’t.

5. Duplicate kitchen utensils

We all know we think we’re a chef, but we aren’t so dump it girl.

6. Old water bottles

You don’t really drink that much water do you?

7. Extra pots and pans

I somehow always hoard pots and pans. Like maybe I’ll need this medium-small sized pan that i probably have 3 others of. Nope sis, delete it.

8. Extra Tupperware

You know those extra lids you can’t find the mate to? You have no clue where they even came from or maybe the dog at the bottom!? Yeah throw them out.

9. Coffee mugs

I know, I know, I’m not the one to talk about mugs.. I have like 300 but to be fair, I use a lot for displays.

10. Old food/ones you didn’t like

Get that pantry cleaned up! I love using bins for my foods. Makes it look so much cleaner!

11. Decor that doesn’t bring you joy.

I tend to hoard decor until the next year and then I declutter it. The things you don’t wanna use, donate or sell!

12. Cleaning supplies

Those almost empty cleaning bottles or the ones you’ve never used. Just trash them!

13. Wires and cables

Yup.. I have so many cords and cables I don’t know what they’re even used for..

14. Craft supplies

Those scraps, the ones you haven’t used, sell them girl!

15. Expired medications

I’m bad at this. I forget about them and don’t trash them. DO IT, don’t be me!

16. Hair and makeup products

Gosh! I know every single one of us has loads of old makeup! It’ll actually tell you when it expires! Insane right? Throw it out! It’s not good for that beautiful face girl!

17. Hair tools

….. I hardly do my hair. I keep it simple. One straightener, one hair dryer and one curling wand. Nothing more!

18. Nail polish

Sometimes I look at my nail polish and wonder what I was thinking buying that color.. get it gone girl!

19. Single socks

The dryer eats them, i swear. You’ll never find it so get rid of it!

20. Old towels

Those old dingy looking towels? Yup. Throw away or keep in garage for nasty jobs!

21. DVD’S

Empty DVD cases! DVD’s that are scratched, all of it. Goodbye Hot mess!

22. Books, pens, notebooks you don’t use.

The old pens, half wrote in notebooks, half working markers, throw it.

23. Anything broken

My kids leave broken things everywhere and I’m like we might need that, well i never do. It’s never a missing piece of a toy I think I might need, so trash it is.

24. Extra furniture

I keep extra furniture just in case I ever wanna use it and yup.. you guessed it. I never do, so I got rid of it!

25. Old clothes

HUGE ONE HERE! I always always always purge my closet every few months. If I find something I haven’t worn in 4 months, I donate it! It helps me keep my closet minimal!

Also kids clothes, purge it. Get rid of old sizes (I always keep small sizes in totes cause it’s just bittersweet)

I know, I know, you’re probably saying “what am I going to do with all of this stuff?”

Well the broken things or used items you just throw it away. Just rid the trash girl! The other items you can have a garage sale or even donate it!

I did it this year and made almost $700 at my garage sale. I donated totes full of toys and clothes as well.

This is just what I tend to start with. I always purge my entire house, I start little and finish it off. It also makes room for more decor when I see it and just have to have it!

If you’re like me, you have to be organized. You have to be able to keep track of what you’ve done and see what you need to do.

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