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10 week challenge to organize your house from top to bottom

Alright, guys.

This is finally the year.

The past few years I’ve had a lot going on. I’m sure that you did too. I mean, doesn’t everyone?

But that’s great.

It’s actually great to be kind of busy! To be getting out and enjoying life…

Last year I went through a complete mental health transformation, started driving again, and got my entire life back I together and honestly soaring inside and out! We had a great year!


All that really didn’t leave too much time for me getting, or trying to stay organized.

Lately, I’ve really been feeling all of it. Feeling the itching need to get myself on top of my “stuff”. And thats when I came upon this quote; which really made me think:

“Do you ever have days where you feel like all you do is tidy up?”

Pick the kids things up. Put them all away. Move various items around your entire house from their scattered spots around your home to their proper place…

Over. And over. And. Over.

Well even though sometimes I can be a really good organizer….I don’t really want to be doing so much of the tidying!

Have you ever kind of felt BURIED by some of your STUFF? Overwhelmed and suffocated by all of it?

I do!

Let’s get this thing straight, here.

I’m can’t move deeply into this world of minimalism. Because I’ll be honest. I just like stuff. Pretty things, and useful things.. And we can’t forget sentimental things!

But then I have so many other things that might not fit into these categories.

But that’s really where I need to get started. Purging, down sizing and letting go.

I think it really came down to the simple fact that honestly I’ve never even given myself any TIME, or the FOCUS, and the PERMISSION. I needed to make purging, downsizing, and then letting go of “stuff” which has become my biggest goal.

Because honestly, we know this can be a really big job. At least as big as a life makeover. With all the breakthroughs, but definitely less exciting. I also think it will be life changing for all of us.

So I decided to give myself the next TEN weeks!

No other projects. (Other than the blog of course) but no huge remodels or life changes.

I came to the conclusion now that to truly get this done properly I need to dedicate my life to it… my time; my energy; and my focus.

Join me for the next ten weeks with our free ten week decluttering plan printable!

Let’s do this thing! ♡

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