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How to get 10m monthly views on Pinterest and get tons of link clicks to your blog!

Ok well I’ve already a blog on pinterest and so many people loved it and it helped you all grow so much from the feedback I’ve gotten! I’ve loved Pinterest for a while now but really didn’t USE it (properly) until I started my blog. After my last blog about pinterest, I ended up learning lots more so I thought I’d share some more tips on using Pinterest. I’ll recap what was posted in the first blog a bit, but I also have some great new tips that are sure to help you and your blog or business sky rocket!

HERE is my previous Pinterest tips blog!


As I said in my last Pinterest blog, make sure your Pinterest boards all have simple names, yet to the point. You’ll want boards you make to have good names that people will search for. When you do that, you’ll be more likely to come up whenever someone searches those words.

The pins

Making sure there’s 100 pins on each board is actually so important! This will make the board more likely to show up when someone searches keywords you used. If theres a board with only 2 pins, it’s very unlikely that it will show up.

Descriptions for boards

You want your board descriptions to be simple, yet to the point. This will also help your board and pins show when they search Pinterest for specific keywords for things.


Being active is the key to doing well on Pinterest! But the biggest mistake people make is only being active with their own pins! Make sure your pinning lots of your own pins, but some of other peoples too. I like to post 10 of my own pictures, then repin at least 5 and I do that over and over throughout the days. I count repinning my own pins as one of my 10 of my own posts.

Making your own pins

I easily get thousands of blog views a month just from Pinterest and it’s constantly going up! Because I create so many of my own pins! The key is to try and create GENUINE pins because Pinterest shows them more! So take your own photos as much as possible! Then Pinterest can see it’s your own photo and not copied from another pin, and it will show it to more people! If you must use stock images, try editing them a bit so they stand out from other people who used the same stock image.

Making sure you have a vibe

You never want your page to be messy or all over the place. People like organized Pinterest boards or pins. So try and stay with your own theme or vibe! It’s okay for you to have some different boards like boho, farmhouse, etc but try to stick with a certain vibe.

Times to pin

Check out your analytics and see when the best time for you to pin is. It varies from user to user so check it out and figure out what the best time for you to pin is!

Make multiple pins but not the same title

So I recently learned you can still make multiple pins or boards for one blog post but what you want to do is change the title. The Pinterest one, not the blog title itself. If you post the same one over and over it won’t be shown to users because they mark you and the pin as spam!

The fastest way to repin.

Go to your boards and click the “see more” button that lets you see more pins that relate to that board! Then you just press the + on each picture and can have all of your boards up to 100 pins in no time!

I don’t have a “pinterest worthy house”

That’s okay! Honestly, nobody does. We make it work with what we’ve got! A huge tip is using free stock image sites when you have nothing of your own to pin. Take advantage of them and use all of those images and make pins, pin to boards, etc

It’s really that easy! Pinterest can be very tricky, with the new updates they do it can be hard for you to keep up! These basic tips got me thousands of page views and clicks to my blog EVERY day! It can take as little as 5 minutes a day so don’t say you don’t have time because you do! The more time you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.

Have fun and keep growing!

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