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How to grow your Pinterest to 1M without tailwind

To be honest I could sit on pinterest day and night. It’s so inspiring and fun and gives me so many ideas for house decor, my kids, fun crafts, yummy food, outfit ideas, home decor ideas, and more. Literally anything I’ve ever wanted to find, I found it on pinterest.

The question is how do I grow? I want to get more monthly viewers, see who and have others pin my unique content so I might get seen more?

Ok well let’s start from the beginning.

1. You need to have an HD quality image as your profile photo. Also try to put a little bit about you or your business so people know what they can find on your awesome page. Be as creative and detailed as possible, using helpful keywords.

2. What you’ll want to do first is have a nice variety of unique boards. Self care, outfit inspo, nails, home, plants, toys, whatever your soul desires. The more unique and organized they are, the better the board will be. So you can do like bathroom, home office, bedroom, etc. People like when it’s organized so if they go to your profile and see a pin they will find similar ideas.

3. Always put a good description with each board! This is very important. You will want it to try to be as unique and detailed as possible and you’ll be way more likely to be one of the pins that shows up whenever someone searches. Instead of putting “outfit inspo” Put a full sentence like “this is where you’ll find outfit inspo for each season, clothes, scarfs, shoes, bags, etc”

*****use hashtags too when your pinning your own unique things! They actually do make a big difference.******

4. You want try to have MINIMUM 100 pins on every board. It might be a bit overwhelming at first, and don’t just go pin whatever, make sure you pin your unique style. Then roll with it. You can ask do new trends, and that’ll keep more people interested, more of your pins popping up and more people finding you!

5. Set aside some time each DAY and don’t miss or skip even a day (ITS SO IMPORTANT) to pin daily! You can do 10, 20, 30 or more. Try to keep it under 100 a day so you don’t look spammy, but it all depends on you. I love pinterest so I used to pin too much. Sometimes I just start and then I can’t stop! But then I really started focusing on doing a different type of board every day. Then, instead of just pinning to one board I was reaching a variety of new and different niches.

6. Pay close attention to things other people are pinning. That’s always what you’ll need to try and pin more! That’s always what everyone likes the most! So try to pin more of those to create more pins and new boards!

7. Pin some of your own content too. Link it to either your blog, or your instagram. You can have links to some products, whatever your content may be. People do love to online shop, especially when shopping is easy like it is on pinterest. And also don’t forget using hashtags and adding links!

It’s really so easy!

There you go! That’s how you can go from 1k or even less monthly viewers up to 1M monthly Pinterest viewers. Plus you can do it without using apps like tailwind!

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