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Boho Rainbow Indoor Rock Wall DIY - the final reveal!

Are you guys ready for this?!! the rock wall is ALL DONE!

It couldn’t be more perfect honestly! it turned out exactly how I pictured it!!

I decided I wanted the mural to be a rainbow mural, but I didn’t like the traditional style ones I saw. So I created my own boho version and made a boho rainbow wall!

AND I’m gonna give you step by step instructions so you can do it too!

  1. I wrote a blog on how we built the wall, check that out first and then we’ll start here with the finished wall!

  2. Then you have a blank rock wall to start with, like this

3. Next we’re going to tape off the rainbow! I found it helped to do a dotted line with the tape first, then connect those lines. Remember that this is a boho style rainbow so mistakes are okay and the edges aren’t meant to be straight so get wonky!

4. See how chaotic it looks now? I promise the finished result is beautiful just trust the process! Don’t spend too long playing around with your tape because we touch it up later too!!

5. Make sure you tape off a white space between each line, because this rainbow has gaps! Then start pairing your colours one by one. I highly suggest using frog tape for this! I’m not sponsored by them, it genuinely worked way better than normal tape!

6. Now you can remove the tape! Some edges will be too straight, some thickness may be off etc. just like mine. Just take a bit of each colour and even out each stripe!

7. And the rainbow is done! Check out my previous rock wall blog to know what rocks to use and more about them! Because now all we have to do js screw the rocks on in places you think would work well. We added extra hardware to our wall so theres lots of spaces for me to move around the rocks and adjust them as the kids get better and better at climbing!

Do you like what I did with it?! Who’s as obsessed with boho rainbows as me!!

Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe and TAG ME on Pinterest or instagram (you should be following us if you aren’t! We have such a great tribe on Instagram) if you give it a try!

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