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DIY Indoor rock wall

It was Camerons birthday on Wednesday and one of his big presents this year was a rock wall! I got this idea from surfing playroom groups on Facebook!

I noticed other nugget owners were using them as a crash pad for other cool things, one of them being an indoor rock climbing wall right in the playroom.

My kids are super active, they don’t like to sit still and aren’t easily entertained by traditional toys so I like toys where it’s similar to real life, and they play with their imaginations!

I knew a rock climbing wall would be perfect for us! And having such a large basement gave me the perfect place to do it

I'm going to tell you exactly how we did it so you can make your own!

*This post contains affiliate links and the blog will make a small profit from the sales made*

It was actually easier to DIY than I thought! But you definitely do need some tools for this to make it safe for your kids to play on for years to come so don’t be afraid to ask for help like I did!

This is the materials list:

2 sheets 5/8 ply. Good one side (G1S) is smooth and better for painting but pricier than Standard Sheathing and not as likely to splinter. Sometimes Standard can be decent but one has to look at what they have, it’s up to you but I would suggest using the G1S if your kids will be climbing with bare feet!

7 pieces of 1x4 Reasonably straight and not twisted.

Rock holds and fasteners (I used this set off Amazon because I like how they look like real rocks instead of the usual colourful ones!)

and paint of your choosing!

I’m going to be doing a basic white background with a boho rainbow on this one because we’re planning another one for outside that I’m using my other idea for!

the first step is securing the 1x4 to the wall

this is your main support so make sure you know where your studs are and have at least 4 screws in each stud to make your wall secure to hold even adults!

next drill your holes in the plywood where the rock holds will go. I ended up getting extra hardware to make more brackets to screw holds into as my kids grow and need a more challenging wall!

Each silver dot is a bracket I can screw a rock into without taking the wall down to adjust it!

next hang it up, again, making sure it’s very secure

our ceilings are 7.5ft so we had some extra to cut off and we used it to clean the sides up and hide the boards so it looks neater!

Now all I have to do is paint it!

It took us about 1.5 days to do this so we decided to put a few holds on to let cam test it out and he loves it already!

Now I just have to paint it!

I’m hoping to do it over the next few days and I’ll post a big reveal when it’s all finished! You guys are gonna love it just as much as Cam does!

Plus our nugget should be here within the next week or so and will make the perfect crash pad!

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