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Win a Tarube play couch!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Hey guys! This ones for all you foam loving mamas like me! Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with foam kids couches and toys! They’re so open ended and endless fun!

We’re getting our first nugget soon! So I fell all the way down the rabbit hole, as one does, and now I’m addicted to foam. Nugget doesn’t offer pillow packs anymore for the time being.. and being that Im already waiting for not one, not two, but FOUR nuggets I couldn’t justify buying another full couch.. so I was on the hunt for good nugget accessories. I found some awesome ones and I’ll do a blog on all of them soon!! But then I discovered Tarube and noticed that, yes, they sold pillow packs! I instantly bought a couple to go with our nuggets!!

what is a Tarube couch

From Tarube:

“The Tarube Play Couch is a safe and durable soft foam furniture for kids to lounge, jump, build, climb, roll and express their creativity! Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted, it is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room or playroom! Washable Cover Our play-couch is made with soft, 100% polyester, micro-suede fabric. It's removable and machine washable Waterproof Liner An extra layer of protection, like a mattress protection for your Tarube. A must-have with kids. Safety Zippers Zipper pulls stay hidden until you're ready to wash. Not only safety but more attractive and smooth aesthetic as well. Detachable Bases With SmartZip, you can attach the two square pieces and make it a larger base or detach it when you want to have more pieces to build & sit. Convenient Handles Our thoughtful design allows us to add the handles around the products and make it easy for moving around from every corners. Furniture Grade Foam Cushions are light enough for kids to move them around with ease while still providing enough support for sitting and playing.”

why I love Tarube

And I honestly couldn’t have been happier with the experience it was! Tarube has one of the best customer service teams I’ve worked with so far! They are SUPER flexible and responsive. There’s currently a limited number of colours in the site.. but I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.

The secret? You can order any of the colours in the swatches below!!

Just send an email to with your order number, name, and the colour you would like from the swatch sheet (it helps to include a picture so they know exactly what colour your talking about)

thags right! Any colour you want! Just email them and ask and they can let you know whats available and when!

have your heart set on a print or colour not in the swatches? Email them! They have a partner who prints fabric for them and they can work with almost anything to give you a totally custom couch!


I have something else for you guys! You can WIN a FREE Tarube couch by using my link and signing up for their email list!! Just click here fill out your name and email and you’ll be entered to win a free couch! Valid now through April 4th!

While your here don’t forget to sign up for our email list too and join the tribe for lots of fun accessories for your new couch and more motherhood and lifestyle blogs! Also don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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