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DIY Tea Tray Chalk Paint Decor

Hey guys! I took quite the break finishing my last semester of school (I’m taking math during the summer but I’ll no longer have a full class load so I can spend more time with my kids outside now that it’s so beautiful out!) but I’m finished now (at the top of my class with a 3.8 GPA) and I’m back!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with Rustic Chalk Decor in their studio in Kelowna!

We made these beautiful tea trays for an aboriginal language project with the Metis Society! My children are both Metis so we are considered a Metis family by the society and they do fun language projects like this often to stress the importance of incorporating traditional language into our everyday lifestyles and our homes!

We were allowed to choose the word we wanted to use, and they suggested “Tea” but I decided to use the word “shakihiwayhk” which means “love” in Metis

If your ever in Kelowna and have some time to stop by and see Lasma at Rustic Chalk Decor it’s so much fun and you’ll have a beautiful piece for your home! If you check out her website or her Instagram @RusticChalkDecor she has more examples of workshops and DIY kits she can ship anywhere in Canada!

I thought it would be fun to walk you guys through the process of what we did and how easy and fun this is!

First we stick the pre-made stencil Lasma created down and secure the edges with tape so it stays in place and there’s no paint spillage!

Then, we seal the whole thing with the same colour paint as the background so the letters and designs will come out nice and crisp and the paint won’t bleed!

Then you pick your colours out of the colour book, which has so many choices it’s honestly hard to choose. I went with neutral colours that would match the rest of my decor.

Once it dries (it’s best to do thin coats but she has blow dryers handy if your heavy on the paint and it’s taking a little longer to dry) you can remove the stencil and reveal the beautiful art you painted underneath!

This is actually the second project I’ve done with Rustic Chalk Decor! The first one was a sign that says ”Tawnshi” which means “hello” that I have hanging outside where my kids play gym is!

Its always so fun working with Lasma and the projects are always beautiful!

I’m so glad to be back and I hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Pinterest and Instagram @mykindofmotherhood

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