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7 Beautiful Boho Wall Art Prints with Free Printable Wall Art!

Hey guys!

I’ve been planning the remodel of my bedroom! Which, if you know me involves a LOT of planning lol! One thing I know I want to add for sure is a basket wall and/or a gallery wall!

I've been playing around with my design apps and made some gorgeous boho prints I wanted to share with you all!

You can get these prints for FREE by signing up for the blog and checking out our printables library! There's another set of prints from my last blog like this too if you want to switch it up! My other ones are more nursery style where these were designed specifically with my own room in mind!

Which one is your favourite?!

Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram and subscribe to the blog for more freebies and fun!

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