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5 ways to reconnect with your kids when you feel like a bad mom

As moms, we all have our bad days. I too have sat there at the end of the day and thought “was I a bad mom today?”

Sometimes we need to sit back and realize we’ve been so busy swimming through life we’ve forgotten to stop and do a few cannon balls with our kids. Your mind becomes so hazed by the pile of laundry and overflowing weekly calendar, that you can start to forget your true vision of family.

You can always reason with yourself, so you remind that nagging voice in the back of your head that you are always doing what you think is best.

Think- “my house only looks like a mild storm blew through it; not a full blown tornado” you could even give yourself a pat on the back. Your kids have been bathed at least once over the past 3 days (another back pat is in order) Dinner last night may have bern chicken nuggets with a side of macaroni, but guarantee it will be served at dinner time even if it’s on that sticky kitchen table.

When the mom guilt starts to wash over me, I try one (or a few) of these 5 techniques to re-connect with my kids. Each one only takes about 15 minutes, but focusing just on your kids, yes, even for a short time, reminds you what the real best part of motherhood is: enjoying your kids!

1. Chat With Your Kids

It’s incredible how cute and interesting things that come out of your kids mouth’s can be when you talk and listen to them! When you turn off distractions, sit, and talk with your kids, it will be easier to bond with them. Depending what age they are, you can use a different series of questions but I ask the following five questions to my kids:

  1. Who did you play with at school?

  2. Did anything make you sad today?

  3. What did you dream about last night?

  4. What was your favorite part of the day?

  5. Is there anything special you want to do this weekend?

2. Distraction-free Play

While I can’t say that “who can build the highest tower” is my absolute favorite game, it is a great time for my kids and I to reconnect. I let them pick their favorite activity at the moment and then I give them at least 15 minutes or more of my distraction-free attention.

3. Enjoy a book together

Pick out a couple of their favourite books, and cuddle up with them on the couch for some good ol’ book reading. Your child feels important when you can stop all your other duties, sit, and enjoy each other’s company just reading a book

4. Go out for a treat

My kids and I started a little thing of going on kid-parent “dates”. It’s basically a short trip to get a treat they like. It‘s usually something simple, like french fries or even a donut; but I let makes my kids feel extremely special to have this individual attention and conversation.

5. Go on an “adventure”

The “adventure” is up to you. For us an adventure is often a walk in the woods. Sometimes, the “adventure” occurs in our own yard while we are digging for worms, picking flowers, or building a fort.

Be real

Let’s be real, you won’t have time every day for hours of play or various one-on-one conversations with your children; but, if you stop and reconnect with your kids with these 5 quick techniques you will, without a doubt, always enjoy the time you spend together.

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