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What is Rae Dunn?

If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you probably already know how intense this is about to get. (LOL) Ok but really girl.

We all have something we love to collect. Yours might be purses or perfume, maybe it’s clothes or shoes. For me, it’s Rae Dunn, home decor, and anything Joanna Gaines. The most important being Rae Dunn. It has taken over my house. Everywhere you look, RAE DUNN.

I’ve been collecting now for over 2 years. I can’t seem to stop even when I think I have enough. (way more than enough) I always find something I just can’t pass up and she’s always coming out with the cutest stuff. I have so much I won’t be able to share it all on here but if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see bits and pieces of it throughout.

I think (I mean I know, I have wayyyy TOOO many mugs. It’s definitely something I have the most of.)

Anyways, I get DM’s and comments all the time asking about Rae Dunn and where to find it, what it is, etc. So here I am to answer all of those questions and show you some of my favorite pieces.

Remember: I’m not an expert but this is my personal experience. (I'm pretty darn obsessed though so imagine all the time I’ve spent researching and dunning.) If you’ve never heard of Rae Dunn before this, where have you been living? I’m just kidding! I can’t believe I just started collecting 3 years ago. I’ve gotten so much over the years, some I’ve sold, some I keep simply to display and some I buy for my kids.


If you don’t know who Rae Dunn is, she’s a California native and she resides in the San Francisco, Bay Area. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Design and worked in graphics and fashion design for several years before discovering clay, which has now been her passion since 1994. All of her pieces are unique in their own way. She has so MANY lines but my favorite is LL (long letters)!

Every single piece is unique and that’s what makes them so special, some have imperfections that others don’t. I personally love her thinner pieces. Some are pretty thick, some are thin, some are super dimply, others not. Makes you just love them all even more. Here are some of the main questions that I get about Rae Dunn. Then we’ll get to some photos of my favorite pieces.


The best days to shop at Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (and sometimes Sunday) If you can, go in the morning but try not to bring kiddos. (I sometimes bring mine but try not to) They also sometimes put it out on the other days or even put it out throughout the day, It really all depends on your store.

I've never been to an opening because my mornings are so busy, but I've gotten really lucky throughout the day and even just before closing sometimes when they try and restock early for the next day!

It’s nearly impossible to get pictures of all my Rae Dunn so this blog will have to do without! Rae Dunn is all over now! You see everyone hunting and selling it for 4x the cost. It’s pretty sad actually. People like me just genuinely love to collect and it makes it hard for us! Now instead of having it all in one section though it’s ALLLL over, some hidden, some not. Putting it out at different times of the day. Being that it’s all in different sections now makes it a little tricky but I love it! It makes it fun when I do go out!


She has everything from mugs, bowls, mixing bowl, pasta bowls, ice cream bowls, ice cream scoop, utensils, birdhouses, colanders, honey pots, pens, clocks, magnets, laundry baskets, canisters, dog bowls, cat bowls, bathroom carts, living room carts, desk items, work items, planters, pens, calendars, notebooks, and so much more! If you can name it, she probably has it! Some things are really hard to find depending on where you live! I get lucky quite a bit because not a lot of Canadians collect Rae Dunn, hence the Rae Dunn all over my house.


You can find some at Winners, Marshalls, or Homesense but the best place to look is usually Homesense! It really all is based on luck. Go when you can, buy only what you love and enjoy! I hope this answers your questions about my absolute favorite. I’m sure down the line I’ll do more so stay tuned and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already!

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