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St Patrick’s day kids craft grab bags with free printable “magic rainbow” with marshmallow clouds

I have something SO fun SO easy and SO YUMMY to share with you guys today! These take minutes to put together and are perfect for your kids as a st Patrick’s day gift, for grab bags at a st Patrick’s day party, or just a fun craft like we did!

I’ve also created a free printable rainbow poem to go with your bags! It’s a nice touch if you have a printer handy and it’s so easy to print them out from our free recourses library!

All you have to do to make the bag is this:

You’ll need-


Twizzlers rainbow twists

Tooth picks (I added these myself after instead of putting them in the bag)

Jumbo marshmallows (for the clouds)

All you do is our everything in the bag and it’s ready to go! Hand them out at a party, give them to your kids for something fun to do on st Patrick’s day, it’s up to you!

To make the rainbow:

  1. stand your marshmallows up a couple inches apart

  2. put tooth picks in each end of the twizzler to hold the rainbow up

  3. stick the tooth picks and twizzlers into the marshmallows in the order of a rainbow

  4. BONUS- ask your kids what colour comes next and see if they can name the entire rainbow!

  5. Eat the rainbow! And the clouds, the entire thing actually! (jusy watch for tooth picks)

I hope you guys enjoy and get to make these with your kids! Follow us on Instagram @mykindofmotherhood and let’s connect! I’d love to see your magic rainbows coming to life

Dont forget to subscribe down below and check out our free printables library for your free rainbow poem to put in your bags!

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