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Paper mache Pokeballs for Pokémon birthday party!

I came up with this idea the first time I threw Cameron a Pokémon birthday a couple years ago! I knew he was obsessed with surprise toys and wanted something that was like a piñata, but smaller because he wasn’t having a big party and would be the only one breaking it open.

Thats when I got the idea of the paper machè pokèballs!

instead of one big piñata full of candy, like a traditional one, I made several little ones shaped and painted like pokéballs! Then I put various surprise toys in each one! (my son really enjoys Ryan’s world eggs so lots of those!)

It was so simple too!

All you have to do is make the paste (flour and water, you can add a little white glue to make it stick better but I wanted them to be easy enough for him to tear open) create 1-2 layers (I did 2 layers the first time I did this but they were a little hard to open so I only did one this time around and it was perfect! It just depends on the age of your child and how much paper mache you want all over the place lol!)

After you have the initial layer you have two options:

  1. a second layer of white paper

  2. painting the one layer white

I did a mix of each and honestly it works the same either way so it’s totally up to you and how much time you have!

Now all you have to do is paint them! Dont forget to leave room in the red for the circle that goes in the centre! Then leave the bottom half white, outline with black paint or sharpie and voila!

I make a game out of hiding them around the house, and then my son finds all the “Pokémon” and gets to bust the ball open to get the prize on the inside! He has so much fun with this every year and I even did a ? Block version for his Mario party last year he loved too!

Let me know if you try this and how it goes! Im sure your kiddos will love it just as much as mine did!

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