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New Years Life Update

We’ve had some fun blogs this week but I want to get serious with you guys for a minute.

Those who have followed me for a while know a lot about my life, including all of the struggles I’ve been through.

My most recent being the hell of a year I had last year after separating from my abusive ex and ending up in the hospital a few months later unable to walk because of a spinal injury.

I’ve had to learn so much courage and strength in so many ways this year but I’m so proud of myself.

I’m finally seeing all that strength pay off!

This year has been off to a great start so far and I gave not one but TWO big announcements!

The first: I SOLD MY HOUSE!

It was terrifying, it was a big leap of faith and it was very emotional. After separating with Jesse the home we bought together didn’t feel like home to me anymore.

There was so many bad memories held within those walls which broke my heart because my daughter was born in that house and we had so many good memories too.

As I cleaned all our stuff out I cried every time I went back there because I was so overwhelmed with everything I felt walking through that door.

I had to FaceTime my friend many times to even get through it because of how heavy everything was.

The plan was to remodel it and move back in, hoping starting fresh would make it feel like home to me again. But it didn’t work. I saged, I painted, I prayed, I did everything I could but nothing could rid that house of the negative energy it was holding on to.

So finally after almost a year of pouring my heart back into it again.. I had to make the huge decision to let it go.

I can’t truly start fresh in a house that held so much pain, and it took a lot for me to accept that but the strength I’ve gained this year has helped me muster up the courage to move on.

I wanted a fresh start in 2021. A real fresh start. So we closed on the 18th and by the new year they were moved in.

I hope that home can make many happy memories for someone else, and I hope even more that they won’t have the same negativity trapped within those walls as I did.

I really wanted to FULLY restart.

So I sat there as December was ending and thought what do I do?

What do you do to start over?

Where do you start when you have to start from the bottom and build your life up from scratch again?

Then it came to me. It was time to further my education.

I got pregnant with Cam when I was in high school and I was very sick the entire pregnancy which made it so hard to graduate. I still graduated but I made the mistake of doing it the easy way just to get a diploma, and I took the easiest courses I took even knowing they could ruin my future if I didn’t go into hair like I was deciding. But I had to take care of myself and my new baby and I didn’t end up going to hair school after all.

A fresh start came with a new path, and with two kids now I decided esthetician was no longer the route for me.

So I’ve decided to become a sonographer.

I’m hoping to specialize in cardiac sonography, to be specific.

After my time in the hospital I’ve realized the importance of having good drs and medical staff around you when your scared, alone and unhealthy. I want to be that medical staff.

Because of the way I graduated I have to upgrade the courses I skimped out on for Cameron.

Which is my second big announcement.

At the beginning of January I started going to school to do all my upgrading!

I’m taking two courses while the kids are in school so I can still put my kids first while making our future better every day.

I’m so excited to keep moving on with my education and hitting goals I never would have even imagined for myself a year ago.

I’m so proud of myself for the leaps I’ve made so far and for the leaps I’m setting myself up to keep making!

Let this be inspiration to you to start your year off right too.

If you need to start over like me, let’s start over.

You never know what could be right around the corner.

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