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DIY Valentine Heart Banner With Cricut Maker (great for beginners)

I just got my Cricut a couple days ago and I'm OBSESSED! With Valentines day tomorrow I wanted to squeeze in one valentines day project! My son wanted the first thing I cut to be a heart, so I figured making a heart banner would be a great first project! (Or whatever you would call these lol heart strings?)

This is a super easy project and great for beginners!

First you want to set your Cricut up and open up design space, here you select the heart shape and duplicate it as many times as you need.

I cut 2 pages of each colour (pink and red) and it made 7 strings with a few left overs

Next you punch out all the hearts from the paper. I kept the leftover paper for my kids to use as a stencil and they’ve been loving it!

Now take a needle and thread and some scotch tape. Your gonna thread through the middle of each heart, tape it down, and do the same all the way down the chain.

It should look like this

I made my chains 17 hearts long because I’m using them for my coffee bar

And that’s how easy! Make as many chains you want to cover whatever wall you want!

One tip I have is to use card stock over normal construction paper because normal paper will rip and it won’t hang the same way without seeing it!

leave a comment down below if you try this and let me know how it went! Feel free to tag me in any pictures you post about it on Instagram too so I can see those beautiful projects unfold!

Most importantly, don’t forget to subscribe for more fun crafts just like this one! Especially now that I have my Cricut there will be TONS of svgs coming!!

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