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Cricut hacks

Yes I just got my maker 2 days ago but I’m already OBSESSED with it! I’m almost done decorating my Cricut and then I’ll make a blog about what I did with it. Todays blog is Cricut hacks I’ve found that I fell in love with just as much as the machine! These will make your life easier and crafting so much more fun!!

*This blog contains affiliate links and I will make a small profit off your purchase which helps me run the blog and run my little family as well :) *

  1. Wipes container

This GENIUS hack saves so much frustration with those tiny pieces of vinyl! Just take an empty Lysol container and usr the dispenser part to wipe the vinyl on the opening and the once the container fills up you just throw the whole thing out!

2. Lint brush

Another trick on where to put your vinyl! Keep a lint brush next to you and wipe the excess vinyl onto it! It’s sticky so the vinyl will cling to it easily and come right off your weeding tool!

3. Needle

This one is so cool! Take a needle and put it into a mechanical pencil and it’s the perfect weeding tool for small pieces

4. Nail Polish Holder

I got mine on Amazon and I love this hack so much! Another way to wipe your excess vinyl off. All you do is wipe it into the middle and the silicone grabs it right off your tool!

5. Doing both sides

This one might seem simple but it actually took me a while to figure out why the heck my vinyl wasn’t sticking to my transfer tape lol! When your smoothing your vinyl onto the tape, do the front AND the back to make every letter stick and a much easier transfer!

6. Finding the perfect text

This one was a lifesaver for me because I’m so indecisive. You can go to and it will give you options of what your word (you can type in whatever) will look like in different fonts to make it easier to choose!

7. Making temporary vinyl permanent

Sometimes you can get a REALLY good deal on temporary vinyl! But what if you want it to be permanent? All you have to do is add some mod podge over your decal and it will be permanent even though it’s temporary vinyl!!

8. Mini Decals

I end up with a LOT of scrap vinyl and I hate wasting anything. So I went on a mission to figure out what I could use them for and found this super cool trick!!

Get these mini stamp cutters from Amazon and cut little shapes out of the leftovers and then you can use them for scrapbooking, nail decals, or anything you need small shapes for!

9. Centring your decal on a shirt

To perfectly centre your decal every time, fold the shirt hotdog style and iron it, then hamburger to get two crisp lines showing you where the centre is. then grab your decal fold it in half draw a line with a whiteboard marker and fold it the other way and do the same. Then line up the lines on your decal with the lines on the shirt and it will be totally centred!!

10. Weeding “scratchy” style fonts

Last but not least this is the best way to get those “scratchy“ style fonts to weed properly and keep the effect. The key to this is making sure your lint brush isn’t TOO sticky so wipe it on your pants a bit first to unstick it a little and then rub it over the vinyl and it will take all the little bits out that you can’t weed!

Aren’t those fantastic!? I hope you get to try some of these out and I hope they’re helpful! Let me know which ones worked best for you in the comments! and make sure to subscribe for more tips like these

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