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Affordable Boho Decor On Amazon

I love switching my decor up! I find it's the fastest way to completely freshen up a room in less than ten minutes which is great for me because of my time being consumed by my kids. Although I don't have much time I still want a beautiful space! This is why I like easy decor switches to fill that need.

I also don't have mountains of extra money pouring out of my pockets, again, because of my kids (and partially because of my nugget addiction if we're being honest) so inexpensive decor is even better!

These are some affordable Boho decor finds I've discovered on Amazon! Every single one is $20 or less!!

*this blog contains affiliate links which me and my little family make a small profit from when you buy*

These Boho beads are so beautiful and will match any other decor you have or end up adding later!

2. These pillows are also super neutral and would match any decor you have or end up getting! Plus they're feaux leather so they're easy to clean and wipe down

3. These hanging tapestries are beautiful and only $19!

4. These rainbow prints would look so cute in a kids room with the tapestry that's number 5

5. This tapestry is beautiful and would look great with the artwork from number 4

6. I'm obsessed with this sun and moon artwork! I love the art and the colours

7. I love the moon so this is another beautiful tapestry under $20 that caught my eye!

8. These coasters are so beautiful I couldn't even believe they were under $20

9. Greenery can transform any room and if you arent into real plants, some fake greenery like this is perfect for you!

10. Last but not least another beautiful wall hanging! I'm obsessed with these if you cant tell lol, they pull a room together so well, can you blame me!?

Arent those perfect for your home!? I know I love them in mine and I love the fact that they're all under $20 even more because that means I can grab more of them!

I hope you found something you love here!

Leave your favorite in a comment down below and don't forget to subscribe!

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